About Us

Imara TV is a digital media platform that Crowdsources and Vets Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) information and resources for the Kenyan youth to easily access in a safe and fun way. Imara TV is one of the 4 startups that have been selected for seed funding and acceleration by the IAmInitiativeKe program sponsored by the Government of Kenya, UNFPA, UKaid and Nailab.

Our Mission

To enable the Kenyan youth get easy and safe access to information and resources on SRH

Our Vision

To empower every Kenyan youth with the right information and resources on SRH

Our Approach

We use a 3-pronged approach that encompasses the socio-economic life of Kenyan youths namely:

1. Educate

Imara TV works with Certified Health Professionals, Peer Educators, Graduate Doctors, Trained Nurses and Counselors anywhere in Kenya to generate short educational videos on SRH for broadcast to the youth. Imara TV also enables qualified academic educators create video tutorials on different academic subjects such as Maths, Science and Agriculture or general interest topics such as ICT, Hospitality or Entrepreneurship for educating the youth to be an all-round productive member of society.

2. Entertain

Imara TV allows talented youth anywhere in Kenya to use a Smartphone or Video Camera to generate entertainment videos such as music, movies, comedies, plays, dance and poetry to dramatize what they have learnt about Sexual Reproductive Health from their Peer educators and express their creativity. Imara TV sells or allows businesses to place adverts on this entertainment content then the revenue is disbursed to the Content Creators via mobile money.

3. Empower

Imara TV vets and profiles SRH resource centers around the country such as VCT centers, Clinics and Hospitals to enable the youth search, contact or visit them for SRH related issues. Imara TV also enables the Kenyan youth to create online profiles for their businesses and advertise their products and services to a wider market for economic empowerment.